• Maintenance of roads, tarmac surfaces-road markings, lighting, improvements to tarmac, road signals.

  • Cleaning-maintenance-construction, of water-collecting channels, sewage pipes and sewage water.

  • Contstruction, repair, maintenance of buildings and facilities, building sites, electromechanical projects, landscaping, hydraulic-sewage work and facilities.

  • Undertaking of biological filtration plan cleaning, operating and maintenance work and the electromechanical equipment thereof.

  • Creation, landscaping and maintenace of green areas.

  • Establishment, operation and exploitation of reception, treatment, recycling facilities for industrial waste.

  • Representation, trade and exploitation of all manner of mechanical equipment and vehicles, especially of new environmental upgrade technology.

  • Construction of appartment complexes and buildings designed for professional use.

  • Disinfection, application, insecticide and fungicide (we hold a permit from the Ministry of Agricultureand have full-time scientific associates).

  • Water blasting of building facades, roads, open-air areas, etc.

  • Rennovation, restoration, decoration of interiors.

  • All manner of technical projects of Ministries, Municipalities-Communities throughout all of Greece.