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The company EFTHIMIOU LTD, the largest enterprise in the field nationwide, has been involved for the last 60 years in the wastewater removal and transport, unblocking and cleaning of household, factories and professional sewage facilities, private and public rainwater and sewer networks, cleaning, maintenance and operation of biological treatment plants and in all kinds of sewage work in general, no matter the level of specialization.
It possesses the necessary staff, technical tools and expertise to undertake the complete operation and maintenance of biological treatment plants.
Our company, by applying the new provisions and environmental laws, is licensed under the following Licenses for the Collection and Transfer of Non-hazardous waste for the regions of Attica, Central Greece and Thessaly.
  • No. of Protocol Issue 6873 / 1257 / ENVIRON - SA 04.04.2014 – EFTHIMIOU LTD
Central Greece
  • No. of Protocol 1144/40819/01.04.2014 – EFTHIMIOU LTD
At the same time we are in the process of issuing relevant licenses for all geographic regions of Greece.
Based on these facts and given than we own the largest vehicle fleet nationwide, our companies provide integrated and prompt services at the most competitive prices.