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Quality Assurance/Certifications
The Quality Policy of the Company for its activities and services, falls within the framework set by ISO 9001 : 2000 and ISO 9001 : 2008 standards.
It aims at the full fulfilment of the requirements for quality, as specified by the customer requirements and the applicable regulations.
The continuous operation of the quality system is fully supported by the Management, which is committed to the continuous system improvement and is responsible for its effectiveness.
All Company employees involved in the quality system are aware of their duties and comply with the procedures provided by it.
The main pillars, on which the achievement of company’s objectives is based, are:
  • Customer satisfaction through the identification of their needs and requirements and their fulfilment.
  • Maximum efficiency of the operational processes through the continuous upgrade of the technical equipment, the active participation of all involved in the process and the continuous improvement of the company’s operation.
  • Building of long-term collaboration with customers, suppliers and partners.
Monitoring of Quality Goals
Quality Indicators are defined to monitor the Objective Quality Goals, which are monitored under the responsibility of the Quality Manager and are presented to the Company’s Management, as part of the systems reviews. The progress of the indicators reflects the degree of goals achievement and may result in modifications at the Quality System.
The company monitors the customer needs, the market developments as also the legislation, in order to be able to provide services that ensure the fulfilment of its customer requirements and expectations.