HOMEEquipment-Vehicles - Facilities

Equipment-Vehicles - Facilities
We possess the largest and most modern private fleet of GPL waste transport tank trucks and powerful vacuum waste collection multipurpose vehicles.
Additionally, we possess submersible pumps, complete auxiliary equipment, stock of spare parts and components etc.
Our vehicles meet all safety standards according to ADR.

All our vehicles – already since 2004- are equipped with the most advanced telematics system (fleet management), of the G4S TELEMATIXcompany, (link) which allows for the direct and accurate tracking of each vehicle in real time. Moreover, it provides information about the driving behaviour of the driver, fuel, distances, route running times etc.

A private VHF network is in operation for the direct communication of all our vehicles between themselves as also with the Transport Management Office and all company’s departments.

Our privately owned headquarters are located in Halandri while offices are also operating in Porto Rafti, Aspropyrgos, Aegaleo and Kifisia.

The facilities of depots/workshops and superstructures are located in Aharnes and in Aspropyrgos, respectively.