• Discharge, pumping and transport of wastewater (Domestic, industrial and in general any kind of installation)

  • Water-blasting – septic tanks cleaning with modern & powerful vacuum cleaner trucks

  • Cleaning-maintenance and operation of Biological Treatment Plants

  • Sewer emptying of houses, companies, public networks and Local Authorities networks (storm-water & wastewater)

  • Maintenance of sewer networks in all of the above

  • Cleaning of sewer networks of Municipalities-Communities

  • Complete services to Industries

  • Sewer cleaning of ships and wastewater transport

  • Complete services to hotel units, camps, institutions etc. 

Apart from our constantly growing clientele of numerous individuals (houses-apartment buildings), we also serve the largest private and public enterprises and Organizations, which choose us for our organizational structure, fast and excellent service we provide, our reasonable prices and our expertise.
All the above mentioned services are provided throughout Greece.