The initial business with its first activity – then- the transport of wastewater - sewage, was founded by Dimitrios Efthimiou (1922-2004). With the diligence and entrepreneurial ability that distinguished him, he placed few years later in circulation – among others – the first mounted sewage tank truck nationwide to serve companies and factories.    
Soon, since the clientele and the need for development and progress was constantly growing, the number of sewage tank trucks multiplied as the company has absorbed other similar enterprises.
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In 1998 after a long and successful history, Dimitrios Efthimiou withdraws himself from the management and the company is undertaken exclusively by his daughter Mrs. Nadia Efthimiou, who studied Economics and Business Administration, and upgraded the individual family businesses into one company called «EFTHIMIOU LTD».  
She has managed in a short period of time to substantially expand the vehicle fleet and the company’s activities.
At the same time, seven vacuum – waste collection state-of-the-art vehicles are imported from Germany, in order to cover the full range of the provided sewerage services.
The vehicles are transferred to larger owned facilities in the area of K. Kifisia and, thus, the first depot and workshop of the company is created.
Now the company has become a leading power in its sector nationwide and undertakes the implementation of larger projects, such as: Athens International Airport “El. Venizelos”, PPC (Public Power Corporation SA), Olympic Airways, Olympic Games Athens 2004, Rowing and Canoeing Centre of Shinias, IUSY FESTIVAL Kammena Vourla, Public Networks etc.
Since 2004, the daughter of Mrs. Efthimiou, Sofia Neroutsou has also started her involvement officially in the company while studying in Business Administration.
Gradually, local offices are established in different regions of Attica such as Porto Rafti, Aspropyrgos, Kifisia, East Attica with an online routing and order receiving system.
The vehicle fleet was renewed and telematics GPS and fleet management systems were installed, while ADR security systems are applied to all vehicles and their superstructures.
At the same time, job positions increase as also the executives, since a Chemical Engineer, a Mechanical Engineer, an Environmentalist and a Legal Counsel have been added in the workforce.
The company is once again leader by being the only one in the sector to acquire the ISO 9001:2000 certification and later the ISO 9001:2008 certification.
In 2014 the company EFTHIMIOU, following the provisions of the JMD KYA 50910/2727/22-12-2003/Issue of Government Gazette 1909/Βacquires the necessary Licenses for the Collection and Transport of non-hazardous waste.
In 2015 the depot and workshop of the company are moved to new larger facilities in Aharnes, Attica.